Phineas and Ferb in Dimmsdale (a crossover fanfic series with Fairly OddParents)

Update: I’ve altered the ending on suggestion from my sister. The old one could have been easily misinterpreted. Hope the new one works. It was a time of joy, but also of sorrow. A time of romance, but also of heartbreak. A time of adventure sort of , but also of peace. A time of Mountain Dew, but also of Ginger Ale. Isabella gave him a slight smile. It’s completely random, you know. Each year, a number of kids who wanted to go to the prom but didn’t have a date would hand in their names to a shifting panel of judges, who would randomly select a boy and a girl and set them up as a blind date.

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This is Aspiring Journalist 1! If you’re reading this, then thank you so much. This is the first time I’ve ever written anything and posted it on the internet. It’s kind of… Well I don’t know. I’m new.

going to finish with a Phinerb fanfiction version of that episode — but I know Phineas and Isabella date and get married in the distant future.

Jc Thomas The Train. Isabella is kidnapped by Doofenshmirtz’s second dimension self and has a machine used on her that turns her into IsaBorg. IsaBorg is an insane version of her that tries to kill Phineas. She is excecuted for her crimes after the fall of the Doofempire. Isabella nervously asks Phineas to the Danville “Summer Prom”. At the end Phineas ends up being Isabella’s date and they kiss In this awesome episode, Isabella’s cousin Felicia comes to visit.

1: What happened at the end of “Bee Story”?

Disclaimer: I received no payment for writing this story. Also, I do not own Phineas and Ferb or its characters. It was the morning after Phineas and Ferb’s epic game of Truth or Dare. Their unknowing parents had been out late on a date that night, and Candace was still recovering from the effects of the hash-candy she and Stacy had taken to preserve their own sanity, so the whole family was having an unusually late breakfast. As Linda got the orange juice out of the fridge to pass around, Phineas asked her, “Mom, how old should a boy be before he starts dating?

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Isabella’s Hero. The sun scorched down on the earth, burning roads and suffocating grass. It was one of the hottest days in Danville anyone could remember. It’s too hot to do anything. We can invite over Buford and Baljeet too. She had a new purple bikini that she couldn’t wait to show Phineas. Back at the Flynn-Fletcher household, the boys were grabbing their need things. Sunscreen, towels, flip-flops, and swim trunks.

Phineas and isabella dating fanfic

Then he gazed upon her beautiful face, her cheeks slightly red her lips cherry red and he felt himself getting lost in her beautiful blue eyes. Once it was time for their date Phineas who was now wearing a grey suit with a red tie walked across the road to Isabella’s house and knocked on the door. Just as Phineas stepped through the door Isabella began walking down the stairs wearing a black knee length dress and instead of her usual pink bow in her hair she wore a small black one above her left ear.

Phineas then got out and ran round to the other side of the car and opened the door for Isabella to get out and they both walked across the road to her house and when they reached the front door Isabella turned to him and said.

Phineas’ cheecks suddenly blushed harder. Isabella. Just her name made him blush. Jeremy wasn’t surprised when she called off their date, opting instead to​.

Ginger looked around the cafeteria table at her friends’ faces. Adyson nodded, as did Katie, Holly, and Milly. Gretchen sighed and looked at Isabella, “Will you be there? Isabella seemed taken aback. Why wouldn’t I be? Isabella was at a loss for words. Now here come the guys. Phineas took his seat beside Isabella. Buford sat between Adyson and Milly and Baljeet sat beside Ginger.

Ginger smiled at Baljeet. Which subject to you need assistance with today? Buford, always the one to point out the obvious, “She don’t need help studying, nerd…” The rest of the table did their best to not burst out laughing.

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I am lots of fun,” I said with a laugh as I look over at her. You are getting annoying by acting this way. There is traffic all over that’s why the lights are changing,” Isabella said.

Comic Books. The date 1 by sonamyfire on DeviantArt Perry The Platypus, Phineas And Ferb, Dating Ferb was taking a picture of Isabella and Phineas but Agent P was in the background. Ayy my first attempt at a comic based on a fanfic!

Phineas Flynn and Isabella Garcia-Shapiro were just friends. That’s it. A kiss or two definitely did not make it certain that they were dating. They were just friends who kissed; they kissed for the comfort, to ease the silence, or just for the feeling of being in a relationship. But let’s make things clear – they were not dating. Just friends who kiss. That’s not weird.

The first time Phineas Flynn and Isabella Garcia-Shapiro had ever kissed, let alone even spoke to one another, was at Buford Van Stomm’s house for what he called a “get-together. From the looks of it, you wouldn’t necessarily consider it a “get-together. Several rooms were shut tight, out coming moans that were supposed to be silent thus amplified themselves through the thin walls.

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With the way this sentence is phrased, all Phineas is asking is if Isabella wants to have some honey to add to her iced tea as a sweetener. It all gets very complicated — talk to your local English teacher for more details. Or is he?

Without a Cool Acronym · Original Characters · Cross-Posted on FanFiction. a parallel universe, a universe where Phineas and Isabella are already dating!

Phineas stretched, placing an arm around Isabella’s shoulder. Isabella placed her head on his shoulder and sighed dreamily. Isabella snapped her fingers and opened the passenger seat door. She hopped out and winked at Phineas. Running into her house, Isabella clambered up the many steps to her bedroom. You’re back from your date early! The car soon drove off down the road. Where are we going considering I’m not getting off of this roundabout and cars are looking at me funny.

Isabella laughed and wrapped an unused hankerchief around his eyes. She led him over to the passenger side of the car and helped him get in, buckling his seatbelt up. Now, I’m the luckest man in the world!

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ThoMarie-FanClub gallery. Latest Gallery Contributors. The Time Love Machine. Fanfiction in English. Phineas: YOU! Phineas: Ballan haaa then a walk they were grabbing y.

Fanfiction in English marie thomas and left the house to go for a ride but it looks aparese phineas that holding isabella: and that you have a pet to cash.

View Badges! Isabella-Fans gallery. Latest Gallery Contributors. Let’s give it a try. Isabella didn’t move. She was totally shocked. Phineas fell to the ground, but even so Isabella did not move. Isabella didn’t answer for a couple of seconds; she was still analyzing what Phineas thought. Candace heard the noise from her mom’s car. He already woke up. Nothing happened, as usual.

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Sign In. Edit Phineas and Ferb — Showing all 46 items. Phineas and Ferb is the longest running Disney animated show, lasting from to beating Kim Possible for 5 Years to It is never explained who Ferb’s mother is, or who Phineas and Candace’s father is. The first drawing of Phineas was on a piece of butcher’s paper, drawn with crayon in a restaurant.

I looked at her scared. then she said “its about isabella dating ferb aint it” I turned red and nodded. “Gretchen im jealous. jealous of ferb getting isabella. jealous.

On the other side of the house, Phineas and Ferb had already prepared their stuff, they were ready for the trip. He looked up to see his brother. Phineas already knew that, but instead he denied it. He hated when his brother was right. And that was almost every time. Just her name made him blush. The fact that she was going along with the gang was something that made him grin.

It had been a month since he started liking her. The summer before they started high school. Man he was happy about having her as a friend. He was afraid of losing their friendship.

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