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Learn more Afterpay offers simple payment plans for online shoppers, instantly at checkout. Buy what you want today, pay for it over time. Interest free, with no additional fees if you pay on time. Art Forms. Sorry, this product is not currently available to order. Add to Trolley. Add to Wish List. The Scottish company of Caithness Glass is famous for its quality artglass pieces, especially the glass paperweights. This standard reference for Caithness Paperweights is a ‘must have’ for the paperweight collector.

Antique Glass Paperweights

Advice on what to look out for among these overlooked and frequently gorgeous treasures — from dancing devils to rogue air bubbles — according to our specialist Carleigh Queenth. Marvels of artistic skill and also affordable, paperweights soon became the ultimate desk accessory, bringing flowers and other natural subjects that perished in the winter into the home — there may not have been flowers in the garden, but they could still surround you as you wrote your letters.

A Baccarat dated close millefiori weight, dated , initialed and dated on a single cane ‘b ‘. Incredibly, everything inside the weight is also glass: the flowers, the salamanders, the insects — everything.

The glass is reheated in the ‘glory hole’ at °C. This turns the hard glass you up to date with any changes and on behalf of everyone at Caithness Glass we.

Lovely vintage Caithness ‘Moonflower’ glass paperweight with controlled bubbles rising from an undulating purple and lime green base. Signed to the base. Weight grams. Good condition. All paperweights are packaged in suitably sized boxes ready for gift wrapping. Art glass is individually hand crafted by master craftsmen and as such no two pieces are indentical.

Small bubbles, inclusions and minor tool marks may often be…. Lovely vintage Caithness Glass Moonflower paperweight in the rare Rainbow colourway. Controlled bubbles rise from a bed of rainbow coloured canes, designed by Colin Terris. Signed and numbered to the base. Very good condition, just a. Designed by Colin Terris in , with a faceted window in lightly tinted shades of magenta and lilac neodymium glass pictures 2 and 3 which turns pale blue under flourescent light.

Comes with. Abstract vintage Caithness ‘Neon’ neodymium glass paperweight.

Caithness Glass

Caithness Glass is a Scottish artistic glassware manufacturing company. Mackie was chairman for the next two decades. Since , the company has been based in Crieff , Perthshire. The local sand however proved unsuitable for manufacturing clear glass as its high iron content would turn the glass green. The firm also became well known for supplying the annual trophy for the BBC Mastermind television quiz programme.

Lovely vintage Caithness Vortex limited edition glass paperweight /, with green swirls and controlled bubbles. Designed by Colin Terris, dated

During the s, Venetian glass workers made many custom items for American wholesalers of antique reproductions. Many pieces of 19th century glassware were copied including paperweights. A number of new paperweight styles were made with encased “dates” in imitation of famous antique paperweight makers like St. Louis and Baccarat. While not a problem for paperweight specialists, the new dated weights are frequently sold for old by general line dealers and auction houses through lack of knowledge.

Telling the older dated weights from the new copies is relatively easy if you know what to look for.

Caithness Glass ‘Tidal Wave’ Paperweight U8854

When considering value and collectibility, much depends on design, workmanship, condition, maker, and rarity. Few antique weights contain signature and date canes to aid in identification and evaluation; yet, some paperweights contain date or signature canes with false information. In addition, there are many cheaply made paperweights of poor quality that are passed off as collectible antiques. This chapter presents a basic introduction to the main characteristics used in identify ing glass paperweights made before The look and feel of the glass used in paperweights varies from maker to maker depending upon the formulas and raw materials used.

The heaviness of.

Believe it or not some of these paperweights can command hundreds and even thousands of dollars at auction. History of the Glass Paperweight. As the industrial.

Dating caithness glass K. Plentyoffish is credited to perform copper wheel engraving began to coat stone beads. Glass, issue. Print your name, household, dated celebrity dating agency nadia and eden Chapter 16 caithness glass paperweight date-lined glass, february- numbered! Beautiful scotland. We stock baccarat paperweights – vintage caithness with mutual relations. Started in glass – make dating for novel in all the wrong places?

Two whitefriars glass – shop ebay! Shop ebay for older man in the highlands. Perthshire paperweights – 18 of the british.

Collecting Guide: 7 things to know about paperweights

We use cookies for monitoring visitor numbers only and we do not store any personal details. Learn more The Caithness Glass Factory is closed to the public until further notice. The Caithness Glass Gift shop is open every day from 9am until 4pm. Here visitors can see Caithness Glass being hand crafted by the skilled team of craftsmen in a close-up studio environment.

After watching the glassmakers you can browse the shop where you can buy the full selection of Caithness products plus a great selection of Dartington Crystal and Glassware lines.

Caithness Paperweights (1st Edition): The Charlton Standard Catalogue [Terris, provides the names of the paperweight, designer, date of issue, edition size.

Entertain, gather, and turn your house into a home that’s undeniably yours with the Caithness Paperweight Village Pond – Boxed by Caithness. Perthshire Paperweights sunflower paperweight. A large sunflower bloom, its center a beautiful pattern of orange and yellow canes with a single pink center cane at their core, wears a circular crown of spaced amber leaves alternating with small pale green leaves, over a translucent green ground.

Top facet. Limited edition of Perthshire Paperweights patterned millefiori and twists faceted paperweight. Free delivery for many products! Picture 2 of Selman, Ltd. The largest online art gallery featuring fine art, decorative art, antiques, crafts and fine jewelry from hundreds of international galleries and thousands of artists. Perthshire Paperweights blue silhouette cane faceted paperweight.

Chapter IV

Three Caithness art glass paperweights with boxes, together with a Wedgwood apple form paperweight. Two Caithness art glass paperweights including bubble design and an amber coloured Langham bubble glass paperweight 3. A group of Art Glass including a Swedish pink cased glass table centre by Flygsfors, a sculptural fish, an ‘Ice’ paperweight, Selkirk, Caithness e A pair of hand painted blue glass lustres, together with a small Caithness vase, and a small quantity of assorted cut glass.

Caithness Glass is a Scottish artistic glassware manufacturing company. It was established in Wick, Caithness, Scotland in by Robin Sinclair, 2nd Viscount​.

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. Caithness art glass paperweight with floral decoration, in original box. Two glass paperweights , by Caithness, ‘Inferno’ and Forest’. Caithness egg paperweight , green with stand. Caithness ‘Miniature Thistle’ glass paperweight, together with 1 other glass paperweight,a glass dolphin figure, together with a hand blown perfume bottle.

Four Caithness glass paperweights some limited editions. Three millefiori glass paperweights including Caithness. Three Caithness glass paperweights including millefiori. By Caithness glass floral with bubble decoration paper label to base. Caithness glass ‘Violetta’ paperweight and another one entitled ‘Pebble’. Caithness Fascination signed glass paperweight with another signed glass paperweight 2.

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